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October 30, 2008

T-Minus 2 days till HHHSD 08′ blow out bash!

Yes, that’s right folks….were down to the wire on the Halloween costume party shindig this Saturday. Most of the props and decorations are up and we’ll be putting together last minute details tomorrow. Lindsey and Cornbread as well as Kelly and Justin will be over hanging out for the evening, helping with the final touches […]

Fun Stuff

Saints Row 2 commercial

We were watching “The Shield” last night on FX network and they played a commercial for Saints Row 2….with some of my work in it. Way Cool! lol…

October 28, 2008

EverQuest 2 ship environment

Screen shots of the latest ship I have been working on for EQ2. Working on animating the sails today, and then its pretty close to being wrapped up…

October 27, 2008

Sponge Bob Metal!!!!!

  Karlton Won a contest with Portland’s KUFO station to record a tv theme song if it sounded like Metalica. His submission was the theme to Sponge Bob Square He won tickets for a Metalica concert and backstage passes to hang out with the band. here is the TV theme he sent in….awesome! [display_podcast] […]

Fun Stuff
October 24, 2008

Thursday Evening Watermellon and Politics…

Today was a pretty productive day at work. I am getting pretty close to wrapping up my Goliath pirate ship for an undetermined EQ2 update….so I am pretty happy about that. I’ll be working on some animation for the tattered sails tomorrow so that should be fun. After a few waves of back and fourth […]

Home Stuff
October 17, 2008

The Lindz Super Diva Torid Model…

Shannie’s cousin Lindsey landed a gig with Torid for their 2008 model selection. They are doing a series of video / ads for their promotions. Pretty cool stuff! Lindsey the super Diva. Her and the ultra cool Cornbread will be assisting me on film projects coming up. This is the latest Video from Torid featuring Lindsey […]

Fun Stuff

Ghost in the Glass CDs are here!

Here they are… Karlton sent me a box of shrink wrapped “Ghost in the Glass” cds from his latest musical release! I recorded guitar solos for the tunes, Melt, After this one, Hey Lonely and Fall Away. It’s a really good release of more commercial radio-friendly material from Liquid Reality Studios. I think sonically, its his […]

Development, Music
October 16, 2008

Saints Row 2 / Xbox360 / PS3 / PC Released

Saints Row 2 was released world wide this week. I picked up a copy at GameStop and got to take a look around last night. It looks like since my departure, they left 75% of my work intact for the sequel….which was kind of neat to see….and they have been using my Strip club environment […]

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