September 28, 2008

Shadow Odyssey news…

Well this last week has been a productive one. The press has been doing a lot of articles on the soon to be released EQ2: Shadow Odyssey Expansion. Game Spy, 1up, IGN just put up previews and interviews relating to the release as well as putting up ScreenShots and Video.

The screenshot above is from a piece of the “Void” zones I created the art for. The art for the Expansion is done, so now we’re working on things for future expansions…however oddly enough we ran into a problem with sound for a few of the zones. We have an internal audio team but our main audio guru Kat Nari left the company and for some reason the rest of that department is working on other things and cant finish Kat’s work for some reason.

SOE had SCEA (Sony Console Division) down the street give us some audio assets for the rest of the zones, but when I went through the files to see what was usable for the Void zones I found out that they really were pretty lame….so as I was going through them with our Environment Lead, I told him I wanted to do all the sound design for those zones…so I have spent the last couple days in my ProTools studio recording and editing Ambient music and sound effects! pretty cool.

What I have so far is 13 tracks of strange otherworldly audio that is waaaayyyy better then SCEA gave us so I am pretty happy about that not to mention it’s nice working from home. Monday I will be finishing the sound effects for the various elements and then going back into the office on Monday to place them all into the zones. It’s been a lot of fun….not to mention another Sound / Audio credit in the title. 

Outside of that, things are going well. I finished the music for one of Angela’s cd tracks…we just need to record her vocals.

I might be doing some Logo/Marketing design/art work for a friend’s on-line radio station they are starting up. My old friend Ed Palmer (Grampa Anolog) who has his own broadcast program on Metal Messiah Radio is breaking off with some others to form something new and asked if I would help with their Marketing designs….so time willing, I’ll probably be involved with that coming up….sounds like fun.  

I purchased a new Guitar Processor Axe FX Ultra from Fractal Audio that’s supposed to be the be-all end all of signal processors…going head to head with the likes of Eventide. Greg Howe raves about them and after taking a listen to demos and sound clips, it sounds pretty amazing. Apparently the best Guitar Modeler to date. I love the idea of straight in line recording, and Digidesign’s “Eleven” has to be to closest I have heard to a natural sounding guitar amp, but this thing from clips I have listened to completely blows it away….so I’ll cross my fingers and see what comes to my door next week. lol…

Eddie sent me some more images for the Top of the World Villa, so I need to start working on the website this coming week. I think I have next week before Canon Battle begins so I better move quick so I have that out of the way before launching into time consuming production on it.

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