September 11, 2008

HORROR Film Project (Part II)

Ok, I played around a little with a concept for our Horror villian and came up with this alternate to the last concept.

It was kind of funny, I mentioned shooting a film at this place to my friend Tim at SOE and of course the first words out of his mouth were “you’re going to shoot a porno??!!” So I thought about it, and basically thought it would be interesting if the group of people at the house were indeed shooting a porno…and we have this psycho female character that shows up to the film shoot….

So now the dynamic definitely turned to a Horror / B-movie with comedy elements and of course lots of boobies and skin since these guys up on the hill are shooting porn right? lol….so lets run with that. lol.

Any cool ideas or motivation for this crazed serial killer??? interesting, nasty or fun related scenes?

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