September 8, 2008

Monday Morning…and Boo Couture…

Awesome…I didn’t know they made an action figure of Cheech. lol

Well it’s another Monday morning, the weekend blasted by so fast it was ridiculous. Saturday, Shannie found this new Halloween store with all kinds of crazy stuff in it. I actually came up with a costume idea while walking around in there that it would actually raise the bar from my Kok Sok last year. lol…I need to find one more piece to complete it, but if I find it, it’s going to be sooooo wrong. lol….

Outside of that, I got the initial flash files up for the FictionWare website. I still haven’t added the button functionality, but I’ll be able to button it all up tonight. I like the new layout. I vary rarely use a stark white theme, but I like it for this.

I also registered the name for Shannie’s costume design website and we’ll be putting that together as soon as we get the content shot for it. She has some garments, but she gives them away so fast I haven’t had a chance to properly photograph anything since we first talked about putting up the site for her. lol. When it’s finished you can visit her website at . She’s pretty excited about it.

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  1. Coming soon to…
    Cheech’s pink tutu costume, ha ha!
    Well, only if someone really, really needs that costume.

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