August 27, 2008

My work machine is grooov’n…

Yeaayyyy…my new machine is all up and running at work…and the latest version of vista outside of a few minor source control issues seems to be running quite well. The new machine is waaayyyy fast…which is awesome. I love speed. lol….and of course the EQ2 engine runs like never before so I am happy happy happy…lol. So much so that I might have to get a couple Radeon 4870s for the XPS at home.

Well outside of that I starting building and applying shaders for my Ghostship zone and its already looking pretty slick. Right now I’m just applying a UV / normal map pass just to see the basic surface details but It’s already looking great. It’s coming together fast too, so I suspect I will have all the exterior finished in a few days.

On the home front, we just got source control for the Canon Battle game up and running. Just waiting for Garage Games to sign on the dotted line and we’ll be moving into full production on it…

On sunday we will be heading back to the mansion property in Temecula to see the place at dusk. This time I am taking pictures so I’ll have some images to put up. We will have Kelly and Aunt Deb with us this time so they can see the place.

Shannie and I have been putting our plans together since last weekend and we actually cant wait to have the wedding to be honest…everyday we come up with some other fun idea for the event. I am sure as we move forward the scope will hone itself down to what seems reasonable….but we are having a lot of fun with the details… 

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  1. Awwww, honey that cartoon is so cute! I really can’t wait to exchange vows with all of our friends and family around us. :)

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