August 25, 2008

Google it Down….

ROFL….Shannie told this hilarious story about a ditzy co-worker they call Helmet Lady. We always have that one person where we work that literally goes “full retard” don’t we? You know the type, cant do anything right, yet is too retarded to think they could possibly ever be wrong about anything, always asking you to bail them out when they cant do their own work, never grateful for you helping them out, never a thanks, always trying to dump their problems on you….and usually carry a lethal dose of overcompensation that you have to sit there listening too when some bonehead like this doesn’t understand something and never takes the time to actually listen to what you have to say when they ask you to help them. Apparently Shannie witnessed one of these classic moments where you have a sit down meeting with a large staff and somebody wants to do the always fun “introductions” around the table.

most people have the common sense to keep this little exercise short and too the point so you dont drag the meeting no one wants to be in anyway into what could seem like an eternity…lol…

So they go around the room…name, title…maybe a quick couple statements as to what department your working with yada yada right? Well apparently this Helmet lady decided she would go off on this crazy monologue as to why she feels she should be Prom Queen and proceeds to discuss what she will be doing with her current education, and so on…lol…why is there always that one guy?!

Apparently someone decided to humor her and ask if she was interested in somebodies work that is specifically related to what she was doing and she didn’t have an answer. Flustered that she didn’t have any idea who this guy was talking about, she practically goes into an eye twitch spasm and broken speach as if she has terrets or something and and finally spits out a new brilliant Internet witticism…Basically blurts out that she will have to “Google it Down” when she gets a chance! lol…apparently most people in the room at this point try to keep from pissing their pants in laughter.

This story probably doesn’t seem as funny without the full context of the stories proceeding this one, but I thought the phrase “google it down” was a funny one none the less…so add this to your vocabulary when you want to have something silly to say when someone stumps you with a question you don’t know the answer too.

Well its back to work on a monday, and I get to go in and see if my Alienbrain import worked or if I will be sitting around trying to get the tools back up and running on my new XPS box…and of course I get to find out how nice Vista is going to play with it. uggh…I hate Vista…about as much fun as Mac shit.

Well here is a quick render of this Pirate ship I am working on. No Shaders, or textures yet…but the basic design is there.

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