August 23, 2008

Top of the World on a Saturday morning

Saturday morning, Mamma Sheila met us at the house and we all went up to check out the “Top of the World” resort in temecula to see if it met our needs for the wedding next June. As we were driving on I-15 I looked up to the west ridgeline and it was pretty obvious which place it was. lol…

So we got there and met Ed the caretaker who runs the place and he gave us a really in-depth tour of the whole mansion. We were happy to find out that it will indeed meet all our needs for that week and was absolutely stunning to see in person. Kind of interesting was the pictures didn’t really do it justice. We see in one of the photos that the living room had this big crazy fireplace, but it didn’t show the huge window skyline on the other side of the room that looks out over the valley.

It had a theater room, a really nice formal dinning area with giant table and chairs…a bar that basically wraps around the kitchen, living room and connects back into the dinning area. So we were pretty happy with the place and it will be perfect for our wedding shindig.

We spent the rest of the days brainstorming on details and we came up with this awesome idea for the ceremony that is pretty unorthodox but will be really cool. We also nailed down basic catering details, entertainment and overall aesthetics and a first stab at the guest list. I think we will be in good shape come June so it’s going to be a lot of fun…definately an event worth remembering.

…Judo Chuckwagon Jones in techni-color :-)

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  1. Holy Cow! Is that the pad where you and Shannie are gett’n hitched?
    I only have one question. Which room is mine?

    heh heh

  2. lol…yeah baby! It’s going to be awesome. you and Dawn can have any room you want, but there is a big king bed suite on the 1st floor…so if you want to call dibs now, your more than welcome. :-)

  3. DIBS!!!!

    You found the perfect place to get married, Mike. Seriously, I have never looked more forward to an event in my life.

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