August 22, 2008

LongBeach Road trip…

Who doesn’t like L.A. Traffic???? lol….

Well today I got to work and they gave me a new Dell XPS machine to replace the old one that was starting to die. It was an old machine…so it was time to retire it. The new XPS is pretty cool, but it came with “Vista” on it….grrrrrr…so I get to be the guinea pig to see if all our crazy internal game engine tools actually work on it. I am sure there is going to be a big headache involved as there always is when they have to re-integrate house tools for a new operating system.

unfortunately I had to import all the source files through Alien Brain and PerForce source control (Yes for some crazy reason we actually use both…don’t ask) and since our Source and world building hierarchy keep exponentially expanding on a daily basis…the whole thing is like over 150 gigs now…and that is one long ass import. It takes basically an entire 24 hour day just to import everything so I bailed around 2 this afternoon and headed up to Longbeach to purchase the 2nd Marshall 4×12 to complete my Live guitar rig….

So here is a picture of the entire rig….”the Marshall man cometh…” :-)

I got a really good deal on the 2nd cab…apparently up in LA,¬†Marshalls grow on trees or something. It took me some effort to find the bottom cab down here…but when I looked on Craigs list up in LA this morning, and they had probably 15 different listings for them….so it was worth the trip…

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