August 22, 2008

It’s good to have goals…late on a friday morning…

Ahhhh…Friday morning at 2:30 am….now my life is back to I have been going to bed earlier since I have been sick, but now I am starting to get back into the groove of things now…yeaaayyyy…

Made some progress on this tune I am writing…put together a groovy solo section and connecting bridge for it…so I should be able to finish up on the basic progression this weekend….and on to song number two. This weekend should be plenty busy…we have to re-shoot the Criswell Puppet video, Shannie and Mama Sheila and I are going up to check out the villa we’ll be renting out for our wedding early Saturday morning in temecula…so that should be fun.

Outside of that, I am back on my fitness routine. How’s this for a lofty goal….lol.

Daniel Craig and myself here are the same age….so this is my target fitness goal. Not only do I have my wedding to the beautiful Shannie next summer, I am going to be playing out again soon and releasing new CD’s….so I better get the lead out and get in shape…it’s been a while since the old band days…lol

I figure Daniel Craig here + Fender Stratocasters + Marshall Amplification + way too many notes = Ultra Cool! lol…

Ohhh yeah….I also need to be putting together the rest of my costume for Halloween so I can give Shannie plenty of time to make the final two elements for it. I also have something I am putting together for the invitations that is related to it, so I have to get that together as well….eeeeeeeee….luckily a lot of it is done…but I am not too happy about letting the cat out of the bag. I know Alex and Kim have something up thier sleeve, and they are going to know what my costume is when the invitations go out…but I have a card up my sleeve as well…so I’m not giving up on taking them down just Last year they were these awesome aliens with glowing pieces….so I am sure whatever they do this year is going to be good.

I was very good today… lol…I found an ESP kamikaze model on Craig’s list and finally talked myself out of buying it. lol…that was really tough…you dont see these things around much and i really wanted it for my collection! But sanity kicked in, and though I love these things, 1.) I really dont play my super strats anymore, so I wouldn’t probably play it all that much….2.) this is a George Lynch signature guitar, and I really wouldn’t want to promote myself with somebody elses signature model…thats kind of lame….3.) These are pretty late 80’s so I think I will stick with my….beautiful guitar though.

…and Finally….I am pretty much officialy done with my work on “the Shadow Odyssey” now…yeeayyyyy…so now unless QA kicks back a bug or two, I am basically off working on my Ghost Ship that will be released in one of the next couple updates. It’s going to be really cool…

Well off to bed…it’s approaching 3am now…eeeeeee…have a great Friday ya’ll! :-)

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  1. Nice to “hear” you so upbeat :)

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