July 27, 2008

Orange Hostess Cupcakes and my New Bride to be….

A little unorthodox as to be expected, I proposed to Shannie today over sharing two Orange Hostess Cupcakes…and she accepted!

We had been talking off and on for a little while now about getting married, but with what has been a lot of talk about it from family and friends as to whats up with it??, when?, where?, etc….I decided it was time to make it official and not wait any longer so we are now officially engaged. Judo, Daphne, Vinnie and even Crusty were all there as witnesses.

The timing wasn’t quite right for her official engagement ring, so the ring I gave her as a gift last year (which oddly enough looks just like a marquise cut engagement ring) will stand in for the real one until I can get the real one for her…

Shannie is one of the sweetest, most kind, creative, supportive, intelligent, and down to earth person I have ever met and I couldn’t ask for a better girl to spend my life with. She’s my cute little Shannie baby and I love her, and I am sure we will share many good times, laughs and adventures together. I love you baby!

The wedding date is set for June 20th 2009 (yes…Shannie is going to be a june bride) and the details for that weekend are already in the works. We didn’t want anything that resembled too much of the normal boring conventional kind so it will be something that will be memorable, functional, and a complete blast…specific details will be made public soon. I am sure Orange Hostess Cupcakes will have something to do with it…

Mamma Sheila is very happy…and made a wonderful dinner for us where we told her the news. I couldn’t have picked a more amazing mom-n-law…she’s awesome. Without letting to big a cat out of the bag, we designed an element of the wedding to make sure she didn’t do any work for it. lol…She’s enjoying herself on this one whether she likes it or not. lol…

Anyway…I guess now that I have written this, I need to call some people and let them know what’s up. :-)

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  1. Thank you for making my Shannie so happy.


  2. ahhh…thats so sweet Kelly. Thank you. I will take good care of her. :-)

  3. Oh congratulations guys! I love you both and I”m so happy for you both!!!!! YAY!

  4. I’m sooooooo PROUD of you “2” I’m all fuzzy inside. I will be inheriting the BEST son any mom could have ever possibly dreamed of, shannie babie chose to spend the rest of her life with an awesome, incredibly talented, intelligent, and loving man that any women would die for.
    I’m so glad for the both of you! You each are unique and talented in every which way but loose! and you compliment each other tremendously. What one can’t do the other can, and you both promote each others talents!
    I’m VERY PROUD to have Michael Bacon join our clan/gang!
    Thank you so much for sharing your company with me and dining at my home last evening, it was an enjoyable evening by all!
    Love, hugs and kisses,
    moma sheila

  5. Congratulations to you both, it is going to be such a wonderful party. The house looks amazing. I can’t wait!

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