July 26, 2008

Micon Guitar is Online…

Ok, here is the 3rd of my series of websites… is the site I will be updating information specific to my Musical projects. As things move on it will be more refined when I have more content to add to it, but it’s a good starting point.

I went out and jammed with Angela Ross’s band earlier and had a lot of fun. We ent through about 7 of her songs from a work CD she game me last weekend and then got into a couple free-form jams to see how we gel’d together. Eddie, their bassist was a really nice guy and had some solid skills, Paul on the other had was a bit surprising. The SunFluers were a pretty subdued folkish / electric band, nice melodies but pretty mellow….Paul is this English guy, really cool and pretty hilarious to talk to…he’s also an amazing drummer.

We locked instantly and playing some heavy funk / rock grooves with guy was a total fucking blast! lol….all the finesse of a complex jazz drummer but with the total power and authority of a solid rock guy. A dead on meter and I felt as “at home” playing the guy as I do with my in studio sequencers. pretty amazing really. Not to even mention he lives one exit down the road from, so were practically neighbors. lol…they were all really cool people.

So basically It looks like I will be playing with them now…so I am looking forward to getting into the swing of things with them and doing some recordings and live shows them, and I might be hitting Paul up for some studio work on my stuff as well. All and all a pretty fun weekend.  

I needed another guitar rig since I will be playing out live so I purchased one of these last week. Now I can run my Marshall head and all my Rack processors in a single rack….I used to run all rack gear in the past but I wanted to run a real tube head this time around, so It was nice to be able to find a rig setup that I could use both.

happy happy joy joy….:-)

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