July 25, 2008

MICON FILMS Website is online…

In addition to my Photography site, I have put up the website which will house my up and coming film projects. These series of websites are designed so I can update them and keep them focused to the specific projects I am working on. Instead of telling someone to check my personal website which is kind of all over the board with different content I am involved with, I can just send them to whatever website / project they would be interested in.

I have one more site I may put up which would be for updates on those projects specific to music I’m involved with. lol….ugghh…a lot of stuff I know, but its all cool and fun and I love it. What the hell else would I do?? sitting around watching TV every-night when I get home from work just isn’t my style. lol…I would rather be doing something interesting.

Film is about the last thing I haven’t really sunk my teeth into yet, but thats going to start happening now. I have my Sweetie Shannie that is soooo talented with costume designs and all her crazy Halloween props…it really is something we will have a blast doing together. 

She showed me this amazing prop designer tonight she has been looking at while she’s been putting together items for her Witches Kitchen…really cool stuff. All the items Shannie’s been making look really cool too….its fun to have such a creative person around the house.

So anyway…nothing too crazy going on at the moment, but Ill probably have something more substantial on that front here soon. Its waaaayyyyy late…I think I need to get to bed.

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  1. Aww, thanks honey. You know, I recently attended the illustrious Michael Bacon School of Art. I learned a lot. :)

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