July 20, 2008

A Dark Knight Weekend….and other stuff

Well this weekend was pretty eventful.

 It started off with seeing “The Dark Knight” advanced screening thursday at Midnight. It was crazy…they had 3 showing at the same time and all of them were packed! And to make matters crazier, the movie and trailers came out to about 3 hours long so we didnt get home till like close to 3:30am. lol…

The Dark Knight was amazing….but actually kind of disturbing. I like dark movies, and this was really really brutal…lol. It was worth all the hype too. The Joker is such an evil and melicious character and so unpredictable it was pretty scary. Jack Nicholson’s version was fun, but this was something completely different. Me and Shannie went back and saw a Saturday screening again just take it all in…lol….yes that’s right, we saw the Dark Knight twice in a single weekend. Hah!

If you havent seen it you should, it’s a great peice of cinema. warning though…if you have Kids and think it’s like the other Batman movies, think again. It has a PG13 rating, but I have no idea how it got that….it’s way violent. I am happy to see it slayed the SpiderMan movies at the box office taking in 155 million on its first weekend. very cool.

In other news, It looks like I might be joining Angela Blea’s band. She came over this afternoon and we went over some of her material and we hit it off so I will be going out to sit in with her band this week sometime. This is a different band than her Sunfleur one…so we’ll see where this goes. She’s a really good vocalist and it would be pretty fun recording and playing live in band situation again.

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  1. Yeah, the Dark Knight was awesome, but you’re right it’s not for kiddos.

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