July 14, 2008

Marshall Amps and Good Company!

Site is up and running!

The Micon Photography website is up and running so check it out when you get a chance. I still have a few odds and ends to finish off tonight but for its functional for the most part. Kind of to the point and no frills at this point but it does display what I have going on with it. It’s good to get it done and out of the way so I can start putting up ads for some gigs. Should be interested I think.

More goings on around the Micon camp…I got my Marshall JVM410 last Friday, and I really like it. All tube, 4 channel goodness…and sounds great. VHT out….Marshall in!! Ill be trying out the head with the direct outs it has as well as trying ti with my ISO cab, so hopefully Ill get a nice usable “real” guitar tone to record with my Pro Tools HD rig.

Last weekend we had some company. Lindsey and cornbread came over for dinner on Saturday night and stayed the night after a little too much Red / White wine and straight shots of Absinth. Lol….a pretty fun night of conversation, shop talk, house of cosby, and extra footage of Jackass we hadn’t seen that was pointed out by D’-Wayne.Yesterday, the always lovely Kimbra came by with her wedding dress to have Shannie help with putting in a Zipper. She of course looks amazing in the dress and neat to see it since the actual wedding will be closed to just immediate family. The Dark Knight

On ups and coming news, I got Shannie and I tickets for “the Dark Knight”…special screening Thursday evening so I sooooo cant wait for that. Shannie was ecstatic when I sent her the confirmation e-mail from fandango. Lol. It looks amazing.

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