July 9, 2008

What Day is it?? – Official Launch of Micon Photography Site..

Micon Website

What day is it??? J

Its Wednesday according to my calendar and I’m trying to get this freaky sky model done for my Zone here at work….or actually pulling my hair out a little over the lack of alpha texture support for our sky tech. To say the system is convoluted would be a major understatement but it seems to be coming along. This zone is completely outside the regular world of EQ2 so I am doing things differently to how things were done with the other sky environment models. I figure it was time to stop staring at it for a bit and update my blog…lol.

Well on the home front I spent the last couple nights putting together my photography website. Its not functional yet but I did get the initial layout on its way to being done and have some of the components up on line now. The site address is After the interface loads up it should be pretty obvious what Micon means. Lol. The site should be completed by this weekend which will be cool and then I can get on with taking jobs for that kind of thing.

My back is much better now so that is good news….and my Shannie baby is so good to me. She was a huge help last week when I was out of it…mmwwaaaa!

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  1. The site looks awesome, honey!! You’re so, so talented!

  2. Still don’t get what Micon means…

  3. i get it now…cute;)

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