July 7, 2008

4th of July and other fun stuff…

Well it’s the Monday after the 4th and time to write another blog entry.

The 4th actually got a little whacky and didn’t go as planned. I threw my back out the Sunday before and pretty much was laid up the week up till the holiday…fun stuff. Lol. So we ended up having to cancel reservation with Mr. A’s this year. Bummer for sure, but it was ok. I was up and about on Friday a little so we went and saw Hancock in the theaters so that was fun. Dispite what the reviewers said about the flick, it was a pretty cool movie…and had a lot of laughs in it and it has a pretty cool concept…It has a lot of personality and was much better then say fantastic four or the last Superman movie.  

I was pretty much recovered by the weekend so we met up with a real estate agent to look at a house/property out in spring valley that might have suited us. The property had a Spanish style house that needed a little work but had potential for doing some cool stuff with. It had a separated garage with a large built room attached in the back that would have been a good spot for my studio. We put a bid on it this morning, but it was one of those things a lot of people knew about so most likely it wont back in the price range we want it for…but you never know.

Last night I started putting together a new website specifically for housing my photography work. I am going to open up services for my photography work and see how that goes. I figured it was something new and fun to do.

On a different note, I sold my VHT ultra-lead head and VHT fat bottom cabinet over the weekend. After playing with it for the last 5 months I have finally come to the conclusion that I don’t like VHT amps. Seemed pretty cool when I bought it, and the VHT cab pair helped but I pretty much had the same tone I had with the Pre/amp power amp pair I was using before…and It just had a cold, nasal-ish tone I just don’t like. I ended up purchasing a Marshall JVM410h head Ill be receiving sometime this week and Ill see how that thing fairs. All the players tone I like the most use Marshall so I think its time to just get one of these and I will probably be happy. Lol…here’s to crossing my fingers! This one is pretty cool, all tube, 4 channels, and supposed to be the best amp Marshall has made in a long time. I am hoping it will work with my ISO cab I bought a while back for recording. The VHT was way to noisy for it…so hopefully this will be better.

So that’s the news on a Monday afternoon. Stay classy San Diego..:-)

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