May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me Part II

Happy Birthday to me Part II


Well I guess my Birthday is over…another year, off to new adventures, lol. I don’t really feel any different today than I did yesterday so I think I’m ok. It was a good birthday, probably one of the best ones in memory really. I had two cards waiting for me when I woke up…one from my sweetie baby Shannie, and the other from all the cats. Daphnie signed “Happy Birthday!…now feed me”…lol.


It was a great day, Shannie bought me two Paul Gilbert Cds, a Strobe tuner for my guitars, and a replacement wheel hub for my BMW since one of my emblems came off on the back wheel, so now my car is whole again! Lol…We topped the day off as I mentioned in the previous post by heading downtown and over to Island Prime for dinner. As usual the food was most excellent…and by time we got home I was so food overkilled that we didn’t even get to the birthday cake!..which of course was a German chocolate she baked me that’s still sitting down stairs in its entirety.


We just ended up snuggling instead and going to bed..


Today I had a chance to really listen to my PG cd’s and they are both really good. We went up to see Paul Gilbert at the house of blues last week when he kicked off his tour in LA, and it was an amazing show. He and his band were incredible. Ritchie Kotzen opened for him….and yes, it was an evening of “way too many notes!”….lol…so awesome!   

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