May 14, 2008

Solo Record!!!

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Solo Record!!!

Well I finished the first tune for my Instrumental Guitar Solo record. There is still some mastering and mixing work to be done later on, but its ready for post Production now so I am excited! The CD is basically a 4 song EP and will feature a range of styles. My goal is to release this outing, and basically do 4 song releases in the future…and then doubling up two EPs with a bonus track or two for a full scale release. A tactic that seems to work pretty well for electronic/dance music.


The release of my New Solo Record will also coincide with the official launching of the Reactor Records Website complete with Store for purchasing products with Check and Credit Card Processing, …so a lot going on with that front. Reactor Records will be the Hub of my Music Endeavor and I have the Texas Doom Machine Karlton is currently finishing up vocals for to be released on that label as well!!! Stay tuned.


In the mean time check out the first track “Metropolis” from my new record below!


In other news, I am happy to announce Karlton’s Ghost in the Glass CD is Finished!!!!…and is in the process of being mastered this week by someone close to the Karlton camp…so that CD should be out very soon!



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