April 22, 2008

Monday night and other fun things…

Happy Happy Joy Joy… :-)


Well today was a pretty good day. My new organized methodology seems to have started off on the right foot so that was pretty cool I would have to say. Seems there is something to this air traffic controlling after all. Lol…


On the plate this week is guitar solos for Ghost in the Glass, and I already slammed out primary solos for 2 out of the three tunes I for it, so that is great news. I wanted really cool solos that had feel, tone and precision and I pretty happy with the results so far. “Melt” was a little easy because I already had a guitar solo written for it, I just wanted to duplicate the performance on the ProTools rig, and after finally warming up enough to get my chops in line I was able to get pretty close to the original.


The Solo tonight was a much longer section to write out, so I tackled it a bit at a time layering two tracks trading off. It has a bit of a somber feel to it and it sort of has elements of slow hand blues and cascading scale passages. It turned out really pretty sounding yet still having a little edge. There is a couple Michael Firkins style phrases thrown in to boot, so I was pretty happy with it.


The last tune “Hey Lonely” I need to listen to again, but I think it has a pretty small solo section so it looks like I am moving along ahead of schedule…and I know Karlton will be pretty happy about that so he can button up the CD before the end of the month maybe.


I made pretty good progress on the my EQ2 zone 2 for Expansion 5 today…so that was good too. I think I should be right on time with finishing #2 by the end of the week. Zone 3 will definitely be a challenge to hold to schedule but I am pretty sure I can probably pull it off. Over all I am way ahead of the SOE schedule so it really isn’t that big a deal, but I want to do some crazier stuff for this zone if time allows.


I “Finally” got my shipping conformation for my Micro X flip adapter for my Redrock M2 today. Its only been 4 weeks since I ordered it and they have finally shipped it out today….so that is pretty cool. The Micro X is an adapter that goes between my Video Camera and the M2 lens adapter and flips the image the right way, so basically after I get it I will have all the tools I need for giving my Video camera “Shallow depth of field” using all my high end Canon D5 lenses. This will give me cinematic film looking shots in video and let me start shooting films!…so that is getting much closer now…I can’t wait!


Other then that I went to the gym today at lunch so I am back into the routine now…so that is good news. Overall a good day!….

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