April 20, 2008

Ghost in the Glass and an evening with CornBread….

Karlton Coffin: Ghost in the Glass

 Karlton Coffin / Ghost in the Glass

 Well it’s a Beautiful Sunday evening at the homestead here. We had Shannie’s cousin Lindsey and her second half Dwayne (“Organized Cornbread”) over tonight for dinner, drinks  and some party board games. They were a lot of fun and Shannie out did herself with the festivities as usual….which included of course a delicious basket of “Cornbread”…lol…she’s so awesome! Those two are certainly fun to be around and we all had a great time…I am sure we will have to do that again very soon.

Outside of that this weekend was more of a “getting organized” weekend than anything else. I have found I have way too much stuff going on these days…,more outside interests then even before and have found that for my sanity, my “freeform multi-tasking” routine just isn’t cutting it these days. I am pretty good at juggling projects around, but I have found recently that I am just way too tired to keep it up perpetually and make any serious headway on everything so I had to do a little restructuring and see how that works.

I am going to try splitting projects into blocks of allocated time and try not to be distracted by other things…well within reason

This weekend I finally got my ProTools HD 2 Studio finally organized and looking presentable so that was really nice to get all that situated. I really want to get my Reactor Records label off the ground with some cool products / projects to market and needed to get a handle on all this. Outside of an issue with my Digidesign Midi I/O issue I haven’t been able to completely track down, I am pretty much good to go on the Audio Studio front…

This week till Friday is completely allocated to my guitar tracks for Karlton Coffin’s up coming release “Ghost in the Glass”. K asked me to do some solo work on it for some of the tracks so this well I will be working on getting that finished for him. The tunes are pretty cool, more in a commercial vein and I anticipate it will be a really cool release.

From there I have a couple of songs for a fun instrumental guitar project I have scheduled for next week that is for a Halloween character I am planning on for the Party this year…, and then I have a month allocated to finishing Art assets for Pirates Gold. ( I had a couple weeks before the engineering muscle were available for this so this is a good time to get some music projects done.) This would also if able to stay on course put us at finishing the Pirates Gold title at the end of May / middle of June timeline…but we’ll have to see how that pans out. It looks right on paper, but it always looks right on…

The EQ2 expansion I am working on for SOE is going really well….and I finished up UV and texture work for Zone 1 of the current 3 zone set and seem to be way ahead of schedule, so that is good news. I want to play around with more effects and animation for the zone this time around so If I can hold to my current schedule, I should have about 2 ½ months to do some pretty crazy stuff to it…so things on that front are really good.

So anyway, to sum up….the RR studio is up and running now, look for “Ghost in the Glass” to be finished very soon, Look for a couple new instrumental guitar tracks to be released soon on a funny little single package….Pirates Gold is making progress and should have a June release…and coming up on the horizon…Texas Doom Machine is in the hands of Karlton for some Vocal tracks so that should be done very soon now….and looks like Karlton just announced he’s going to start working on a “Madd Krakker 2” release in the near future….so I have some work to do on that sometime this coming summer as well! ….cool stuff a com’n so stay tuned!   

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