April 11, 2008

Saints Row 2 and other Friday Stuff…:-)

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and I decided to take a PTO day just to relax a bit. This week has been pretty good. We finished the Star Wars prototype for Lucas Arts which was well received so that was good and now I am back to my work on EQ2 Expansion 5. I have actually been working on a new technique to generate normal maps that sped the process up quite a bit that I am happy with. This new Zone I am working on will be a lot more intricate and detailed then previous work I have done there and its already looking pretty crazy….so all in all a good week.

I received my Yearly raise which was very nice…I always like money…lol.

On a different note, I talked to a colleague / friend of mine I worked with back in Colorado and Illinois, Ultra cool guy Mike Anaya and he was telling me that the sequel “Saints Row 2” is getting close to Alpha and will be released in Aug..( this is Volition were talking about so I wouldn’t mark your calendar until you see the official marketing ads…lol)

Kind of neat so I went online to find some current screenshots they are promoting SR2 with and came across this gem. The strip club here is the last environment piece I was working on before I left So I guess I get a “unofficial” credit on the title after all. J Actually SR2 is just a larger expansion of the old city so there is a ton of my work in the title…I designed and built most of the layout for the north island (minus texture work…I left before that process started) which was 50% of the layout then…pretty significant not to mention the freeway system and other areas on the south island to boot…I also designed some of the better more intricate interiors in SR1…so it’s good to know they didn’t strip that stuff away when I left.

Well it’s nice to see some stuff of mine in the new title…I look forward to checking out exactly what is still left in place when SR2 is released end of summer.

  Saints Row 2 title SR Strip Club SR screenshot

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