March 14, 2008

Howdy howdy on a late thursday evening…!!!

Pirates Gold 


Well the last couple of days were kind of neat…I received my regular yearly review with the normal “you Rock” acknowledgment so that was nice, but I have to wait till next payday to see if I actually got a raise this year. Lol…I am kind of at the top of my pay scale there so I am not sure what’s going to happen with that. I guess at this point it doesn’t really matter that much with all my outside projects and activity…but Ill take the knowledge I still walk on water there. Lol!

Lucus Arts came through the studio a couple days ago and was looking at our Free Realms title (something similar to World of Warcraft stylings but with a different marketing mechanic) and the guys there asked if we would be interested in doing something similar with the Star Wars license, so I was asked today to basically create a prototype level for a proof of concept proposal. I was pulled off EQ2 Expansion 5 to do that for them. Apparently I was their first choice…so I suppose sometimes I probably should be a team player. Lol…

I have a two week block of time that I doubt I would need to finish it starting on Monday….

On a different note, I put up a photography portfolio on One Model Place and have received a lot of inquiries into shooting different models on there…pretty cool. So I am scheduling shoots for some of these. Shannies Condo is just sitting around so were basically going to set up a photography studio there since Ill have a nice place where I have open rooms to set up my lighting and backdrop rigs, light deflectors and other studio props Ill need for shooting. I am pretty excited about it…Ill be setting up shop out there Saturday!

I just purchased a Panasonic DVX100b, and a new Matrox RT.X2 video editing hardware for my system to replace my Digisuite LE…so I am pretty much ready to start working on some short films now. I still haven’t taken my XPS machine to have the raid drives put in it but Ill probably get that done early next week sometime. The X2 is pretty bad ass…and does full HD editing in real time with effects, compositing, chroma key and others things on the fly! Pretty amazing…the DVX100b has widescreen and 24p mode for film look on video. Its not HD, but for the moment it will suffice.

Aaaannddd if that’s not enough, we on track to finishing another casual game title…should be completed hopefully by the end of next month!!! We decided to resurrect pirates gold, and its well on its way to being completed…so we plan on releasing this pretty soon….

Soooo…lots of stuff happen’n….I cant wait to start posting some new stuff from the MB compound. Hah! Time to crash now!!! 

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