February 9, 2008

Febuary Already…doh!

We just started the new year and its February already?? What is up with that! Lol…

Well Shannie and I want to wish ya all a great Valentines day. lol!

I reserved a Deluxe bedroom suite at the Hilton down town that looks out over the bay here in San Diego for V-day so that should be a blast! We’ll be Spending the day lounging by the pool and hanging out DownTown…just me and my Shannie baby. :-)

On an unrelated note…I got my ProTools HD rig running and I have no words for how “so fucking cool” it is! lol..Sorry, I had to use the Kirkland speak for describing it. It’s on a whole nother planet. :-) Sounds amazing, and so much power, I have never used anything like it. It looks like its time to record an album folks!

actually another nifty piece of software I purchased was Digidesign’s Eleven..thier guitar plugin and it sounds really really great. I have been using the PodXt for inline recording and this thing just kicks that to the curb. It basically emulates 12 different amps, but theses are a lot more accurate then any emulation amps I have used in the past. On the PodXT it has emulators for mesa and my marshall jmp1 preamp, but they didn’t sound anything close to the actual amps they were modeling them after…but you can get some good direct sounds out of them if you really tweak and search for them.

this thing however, It has a version of my Mesa Mark II / Studio Preamp…and when I was turning knobs, it literally responded just like the real world counterpart…it was almost creepy. the one thing about the mesa was that the treble control is hooked into the gain stage somehow, so when you turn the treble up, it added a ton of gain into the tone, and the preamp handles it in exactly the same way…and I noticed most of the nuances in it are there. Same with the JCM 800…the tone and sound were very similar. i was very impressed. Still need to play with it some more to see if it lasts a discriminating ear, but right now its pretty promising.

Other then that, just getting things together at Sony. I have struck the vibe on the current zone I am working on for the next expansion which is cool. I thinks its going to turn out really nice and EQ2 fans should be pretty happy with it. I am still crunching away on my ActionScript 3.0 studies, and that is going well. I hope to have a first test game up and running shortly…Ill keep ya posted.

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