January 1, 2008

Happy New Years….2008…

January 1 st 2008….


Wow, time just flies by and 2007 was no exception. It was a great year I would have to say. Started out a little odd in the Feb / March timeline but it’s crazy how things can change so quickly sometimes. I guess you just keep moving forward and even things that seemed so catostrophic at the time become more and more distant as new things move in to take thier place.

Now as I stand here looking into the beginings of the next year, I feel optimistic that 2008 will usher in another great year letting me move forward with new and exciting things on the horizon. So as a recap from a previous post, Here are my plans for 2008!


•  The Completion of EverQuest II expansion 5 (to make it bigger and better then the last)

•  The Launch of my Secret EverQuest II zone ( Project: Ghost Ship) that I am working on now

•  The completion of 3 gunmen games new project and securing another publishing deal with it.

•  Completion of the Texas Doom Machine CD

•  Shooting my first short film (Something I have wanted to do for a long time now…)

•  Getting back in shape (I actually did really well in 07 dropping 80lbs in 5 months…now I need to finish the job)

•  Expanding my photography portfolio with portrait, product and action pieces

•  Framing my game, photography and art projects and getting them up on walls ..(I have been doing this kind of thing for years and I have not a single piece of my work other then some pinned up drawing on a corkboard in my studio…lol…time to get my work framed and hanging

• New furniture (a new control surface desk) for my audio studio and get it up and running with my video editing hardware to create an Audio/video suite out of studio room 2 ( I have gear all over the place in there, but I want it put together a lot better for handling all my video and audio projects.

• Design and create website with Shannie so she has a nice presentable site for one of her passions, throwing her big annual Halloween bashes!!!

• Building a new home with Shannie towards the end of the Summer…One where we can specially design it to house all our extensive business and project needs.

• Complete a Coffee table book (professionally done with all my work from 2008 included) …New one added!


•  Updating my site …(I actually did this last week right before I got sick!!…so at least its current…!! So one down!!)


i think this will be particularly fun now that I have this blog to see how all this unfolds as the year progresses and be able to look back on this post and see exactly what goes the distance…


I hope you are all ready to have fun this year and make 2008 the best year ever…

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  1. Happy New Year Honey!
    The second half of this year was really amazing! I’m looking forward to all the great things you’ll do in 2008!
    Love ya!

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