December 31, 2007

New Years Eve Everybody…

Good grief! I am awake!….It’s Monday morning, 5:30 am and after a week of being in bed with this crazy virus…enough is enough already!

So now I am up and thought I should put an entry in my blog of all

Well I am still kind of under the weather here, but I feel at least a little more functional for the moment. Judo is sitting here in my office trying to get at my toast…bad Judo! …and the other cats are near by doing what they do when someone gets up at 5:30 in the morning around here. That would be looking pathetic as possible pretending as if they are on one of those “feed the children” commercials…lol.

Unfortunately Shannie and I are both still pretty sick and it’s my girl’s birthday today no less…not to mention also new years eve. I had planned on taking her out to the upscale la jolla area for dinner and festivities but it’s probably not going to be a lot of rock and roll’n for us tonight, but I am sure it will be a nice night at home together now that we are feeling a little better anyway.

Well I hope you all are well and in good health to enjoy New Years Eve tonight! Be safe and be careful with the drunk drivers on the road tonight….

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