December 28, 2007


Word of the day….Extreme Flu and Cold Medicine…uugghh..

well just as I was afraid of, hanging out at the Shannie family shindig equaled getting extremely sick with whatever has been going around. It was a great time for sure, but I could have skipped over the whole “sit in bed for the next 4 days” routine…

I think I am feeling a little better, but both of us are still pretty messed up over it…so it’s pretty hard getting any work done…nothing new to report in that department.

Outside of that, the party went well…ohh and everyone laughed their ass off over the Steve Irwin gag…so that was a success. Shannie’s RC Snake was a favorite as well!

Everyone as usual was incredibly fun to be around…so we had a good time and I got to talk some photography shop with Ma5en, which was pretty insightful.

I have in my down time been talking to some people at Pileated pictures about doing some flash titles for them with my development company so that would be cool…I’ll keep you posted on them events.

until then take care and hope everyone is feeling well…

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