December 23, 2007

WebSite Update… update

Well over due to be sure, but I got around to updating the site with current projects…so check it out ifinterested. Three updates to the projects section, and two updates to the music section including sound files for Madd Krakker and The Texas Doom Machine.

I put links to the blog in the “news” section so family and friends can stay updated, and a few other minor tweaks that are on the way…so it looks like I might be able to scratch off one of my goals for 2008 before It actually begins!!!….so that would be nice to get a jump start on that.

out side of that, it was a productive day. Shannie is not feeling well unfortunately, and I feel a little queezy my self, but for the most part I haven’t been hit to hard with it. Shannie made a wedding cake for her cousin and had to go set it up…so I made her soup and grilled cheese so she had it right when she walked through the door…but before that I was able to get more work done on the main player character model for High Noon.

I still need to get this config file set up, but for the most part I have the model built and animation rig in place. i got the skin weighted and IK system in place…so all I have to do now is do a little more prep work and I will be sending Brian some test anims to work with. All in all were pretty close to getting the main character up and running…just need to figure out our aiming
system and how the animations will work when the player has direct control via controller over swiveling the whole upper body…so I have been

Well it’s christmas eve tomorrow / tonight depeding on how you look at it. lol…I hope everyone is having an exceptional holiday. I am looking forward to spending some holiday time with Shannie before going over to the main Xmas get together with Shannies family. Remember though….some lucky person is going to get the Steve Irwin playset!!, I let you all know how that goes. .

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