December 22, 2007

Reflection and Resolutions…

2008 goals and resolutions

Well it’s getting pretty close to the end of the year, and that’s always a time to reflect on what went on during the year as well as coming up with a game plan for the next. I am actually pretty goal oriented in general and always have a large array of projects going on or on the back burner at any given time.

Believe it or not I have actually even been accused of never finishing anything…which is pretty ridiculous really because you wouldn’t see all the stuff on my website, and on the shelves if this were the that’s a rant I don’t need to get

I have a lot of different interests and they almost always require a ton of time and resources to facilitate. Some have a much larger scope then others so as things come up I have to be pretty flexible as to what I can afford to stay the course with, and what needs a reality check. I would equate my progress as floating down a river with strong currents…I can’t simply fight everything all the time, I wouldn’t get much done at all if I did that, so i have to steer the boat to alter the direction and sometimes have to pick the path of least resistance to make it to my destinations.

Sometimes my initial goals don’t all make it to fruition inside reasonable timelines or fit within the tools I have access to at the time, so they have to be set aside to pursue things that might fit into my schedule or be more doable in a given timeline.


That being said, not everything I set out to do comes to pass immediately but there are always plenty of things that do and a lot of the time those things help the cause when I want to revisit a previous goal that was set aside.

2007 was not unlike any other year in that respect. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do that had to be derailed, ( my Record Label for instance, or my instrumental guitar album), there were other things that were accomplished, and a great deal of things that did happen that will set 2008 projects into motion…and even help me bring to fruition some of my more loftier goals that couldn’t be done in 07′ and that is pretty damn exciting.


There were also a lot of big changes in 2007 that impacted my life pretty substantially.


The end of a pretty long term 7 year relationship and the beginning with Shannie, one of the most kind and affectionate persons I have ever met. Life has a funny way of altering things pretty significantly but I’ll always be great friends with my Ex-baby doll princess…and that’s a good thing. I wish her well with her new Ranch Hand…lol…sorry, couldn’t resist sweetie!…I am sure you will be happy with whatever that guy’s name is, and your newest addition to the family!

Along the way I met some really cool friends…, one of which I have to say congrats to the ever-Lovely Sarah for passing her grad school exams last week and for her new union job which she has been working crazy hours night and day to secure! Also a big thanks just for being the ultra hot and ultra sweet girl that you are. …luv ya doll!

On the project front, Here’s a recap of some of the pretty cool things that happened in 2007…

VectorBlast: We finished our SCI-FI shooter title that was in development with our side company and secured a publishing deal with Hasbro toy company. It had its share of development follies, but the title did make it to fruition…and I secured a pretty significant chunk of change which is helping to fund a lot more of my other more loftier ventures in 2008! So I am pretty happy about that.

Estate of Unrest: 2007 marked the release of a EQ II live update featuring exclusively my Zone “Estate of Unrest” which was raved about in the press and received fantastic praise in magazines, and online gaming sources for bringing the old EQ 1 classic to the franchise!

EverQuest II-Rise of Kunark: Next up was completing the EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark expansion that was released world wide in Mid-November. It’s been getting stellar reviews and very well received from the EQ community…

Madd Krakker – Saltine Dream: January 2007 marked the official release of Saltine Dream, a CD from old friend and amazing vocalist Karlton Coffin…a mix of powerhouse hard rock / Rap / funk / and Hip hop songs. I played all the guitar solos on the CD as well as some additional guitars, and created the cover and insert art for the CD.

Photography: I finally purchased a really nice professional digital SRL and small fleet of high quality canon L series lenses. I have already begun working on work to expand my Portfolio…and I am having a lot of fun with it.

Texas Doom Machine: have finished writing and recording 4 songs for my Texas Doom Machine CD. This one didn’t quite make the distance for 07 but I plan on getting vocals on the 4 song CD / EP and launch the release of my band Texas Doom Machine by Spring of 08…

MichaelBacon Blog: yeah…its…but I did finally get a tool up and running that I can update and keep in touch with what’s going on in the world of Michael.

Dropping 80lbs: this was a pretty intense goal…and I did it inside of 5 months. Not a small feat at all…and will be kicking it back up in 08′ to finish the job of 07′

Significant upgrades to both Art and Audio studios…I wanted to update the tech for a while now, and I finally was able to it this year!! A Dell 720XPS for the Art Studio with Dual Nvidia cards and quad monitor output for the art studio….a Dell Precision 690 model for the audio studio…both are total monster machines…quad displays for the art studio, software and hardware upgrades for the audio studio…its a beautiful thing!! lol…

A lot of jump starts on projects to come…

So I think that has been a pretty good year for accomplishments if you ask me…  Not everything comes to pass, but If you are always moving in a forward direction and chip away at it one day at a time you will find that even if you didn’t hit everything you had in mind or something stray off course that you will still find that you had a great productive year…and a good footing moving forward.


So now we have 2008! And what are my goals for next year??


•  The Completion of EverQuest II expansion 5 (to make it bigger and better then the last)

•  The Launch of my Secret EverQuest II zone ( Project: Ghost Ship) that I am working on now

•  The completion of 3 gunmen games current project “High Noon” and securing another publishing deal.

•  Completion of the Texas Doom Machine CD

•  Shooting my first short film (Something I have wanted to do for a long time now…)

•  Updating my site…(I haven’t touched it in two years now and it needs to be updated!!)

•  Getting back in shape (I actually did really well in 07 dropping 80lbs in 5 months…now I need to finish the job)

•  Expanding my photography portfolio with portrait, product and action pieces

•  Framing my game, photography and art projects and getting them up on walls..(I have been doing this kind of thing for years and I have not a single piece of my work other then some pinned up drawing on a corkboard in my studio…lol…time to get my work framed and hanging

• New furniture (a new control surface desk) for my audio studio and get it up and running with my video editing hardware to create an Audio/video suite out of studio room 2 ( I have gear all over the place in there, but I want it put together a lot better for handling all my video and audio projects.

• Design and create website with Shannie so she has a nice presentable site for one of her passions, throwing her big annual Halloween bashes!!!

• Building a new home with Shannie towards the end of the Summer…One where we can specially design it to house all our extensive business and project needs.


I am sure there are some odds and ends ones that I have bouncing around in my head…but for the most part this is what’s on the docket for 08′

Some of it I already have a good jump start on…a couple here are pretty lofty but we’ll see what pans out as we move into the new year….but one that is definitely on the “bold” list is wanting to move into making Films.

I have planned on doing this for a while…a few years actually, but I think I am pretty close to getting it to go down this coming year. I purchased a pivotal piece of gear to get me that DOF/cinema look on a high end digital video camera last year…so the only piece that is really left technically is the acquisition of a Panasonic HVX200, and I plan on getting one of those in a few weeks!! So basically I will be ready to do something with it…lol…and finally be able to move into that direction.

Actually with the Canon 5D L series lenses I purchased, I can use them all with the RedRock M1 from 07′ …so shallow Depth of Field will be pretty easy to get with it…and I am pretty sure Ill be able to obtain the quality I was looking for which has always been the hold up before.

08′ should be a pretty exciting…and I look forward to posting up my first film short!

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