December 18, 2007

Madd Krakker on Itunes ! –

It’s the one year anniversary of releasing the Madd Krakker CD,…and since it’s the crazy X-mas season, you might want to add Saltine Dream to your Itunes collection. While doing your shopping and being out on the road with a half zillion people who cant drive, not paying attention to the road or just plain jerkoffs, you can be in your car listening to the tranquility of the Road Rage classic “Fish People” lol….or perhaps the Boss at your place of business is giving you a hard time, you can get inspiration from the festive little tune “Parking Lot Ass Kick’n“.

If you are feeling kind of lonely and you need to listen to something uplifting, you can treat yourself to the wholesome masturbating melody of “Meat Junkie“….or perhaps even the soothing sounds of “She’ll Rock your Balls Off“..always a timeless anthem.

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