December 16, 2007

Cookies! –

We had a fun day today…started out with sleeping in!!! Lol…well not too late, but sleeping in is always nice. It’s the first weekend of my vacation so we had a relatively relaxing time. We went to lunch and I stopped over at Calumet photo to look at some other lenses for my Canon 5D.

I ended up purchasing an EF 135mm L F/2 USM lens and an EF 28mm F1.8 USM lens for it. Both are pretty cool and go pretty well with the 50mm 1.2 I have been shooting with.

After we did some shopping, we came home and I worked a little on High Noon ( our new tentative title for project:gunsmoke), while Shannie started making Xmas sugar cookies. When I got done doing what I was doing I came down stairs and she was hard at work decorating them. I did a few myself and then went to grab the camera to document the fun….

The image above we have Shannie in the Zone… She was making a couple cookies of us!!, note my new style’n vertical hair cut… The next row and to the left is my contribution to the cookie pile. Notice the attention to detail depicted here with some cookie friends of ours in this family action scene I created… lol! …I better stop there before somebody clubs me over the head like a baby seal!

New Pictures! –

Then of course I got carried away and started shooting stuff around the house with the new lenses. lol! Here’s some shots I took today.

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  1. Baby is kicking keeping me awake all night arrrgh!! However, could not help but notice that gorgeous card with the bow in the pic above 😉 What amazing taste that person has, who sent it 😉 (Yeah I know, I kill myself with my sharp wit and humor). Mwwwa to all.

  2. I was wondering when you would see that… :-) …funny card, especially the remark about the Nick Nacks…

  3. Tee hee…you ROCK!! Judo is a cutie…not as great as my Ariel but…show me a pic of Daphne with her torn lil face so I can show Ariel and she can laugh (her ear has given her a depeleted sense of self! JK

  4. Judo “Chuckwagon” is waaaaayyyyyy cuter than that piece of useless fluff you call a cat. :-)…and actually that picture of Daphnie thats up here is “after” it was torn appart.

    She has amazing regenerative powers… :-) sorry…looks like Ariel has to turn to anti-depressants for comfort. :-)

  5. Wrapping her up in her Mink for her trip to the vets now…;)

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