December 15, 2007

It’s all about Shannie –

Awwwweee…isnt she cute?

Here is one of the most awesome girls on the planet, Shannon Dimartino. My baby called me this afternoon from work to tell me she wanted to take me out this evening and buy me some new clothes as well as dinner at Mr. Sulu’s. lol. Its not really called sulu’s, its this fantastic Chinese restaurant that makes a killer crispy tangerine chicken dish I love…however ever time we go there we have this old guy that waits in the lurch and will sweep in on a whim every time you put your glass down asking if you’re through or need anything else…it’s actually to the point where its kind of compulsive and creepy. He just sits back about 10 ft from the table staring at us the entire time we are there…and the guy actually looks like George Takai from Star Trek…so we just call the place Sulu’s now.

Aside from the food, its actually a really cool place with a lot of Asian art and styling all around, including these beautiful oversized kabuki masks all over the walls.

I have to say Shannie is sooooooo good to me! Such a doll…and puts up with my offbeat sense of humor, excessive guitar purchasing (she actually thinks its cool!) …and working till the wee hours of the night / morning…

She bought me a couple really nice dress shirts, and some Jeans tonight…

I purchased jeans, new gym clothes, a couple dress Shirts, a pair of these casual pants with skulls and crossbones all over them…lol…I had to have em’……and this really nice velvet dress coat. I think I am pretty much hooked up in the new threads department.

Thank you so much my love!

Tomorrow night I have reservation to take her to Island Prime, this upscale restaurant that sits out over the bay near the Airport. I guess now I have something new to wear for dinner! yeeaayyyy…

Island Prime – the most amazing steak, incredible view and ambience…if you come to San Diego you have to check it out.

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