December 1, 2007

EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark released!!!

Rise of Kunark, EQ2’s 4th expansion has been released and is being received very well! I have been working on in at SOE and is our biggest and best expansion yet. My main contribution to the expansion was designing and building the two mammoth raid dungeons, ” Veeshan’s Peak” and ” Chelsith“, designed and built the climactic zone for “Tyranik’s Lair“…and did Normal Map paint passes to punch up the detail level on two other Zones, Karnor’s Castle and Chardok.

Check out the info for the expansion on wikipedia here

Things around the office have kind of wound down while the EQ II design team starts putting together the plan for Expansion 5. In the mean time I have been messing around with some bonus material I want to try to get into the one of the next content updates.

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